Addiction to alcohol

Anyone who's worried about how much they are drinking can do something about it. There is simply no such thing as a hopeless alcoholic; various types of help and support are available to anyone who wants to change their life and become free from alcohol.

Most adults in the UK - about nine people out of ten - drink alcohol from time to time. Whether that's once in a while or every week, most people's drinking does not cause any problems.

However, alcohol does wreak havoc in some people's lives. Excessive drinking can damage people's health and a number of life threatening illnesses are associated with alcohol misuse. Perhaps even more visibly, it can have a devastating impact on the financial, legal and professional aspects of people's lives. Relationships with family and friends can be damaged irreparably, leaving a wake of heartbreak and destruction.

The National Health Service reckons almost one in four adult drinkers is at risk of harm because they are drinking too much.

The less alcohol you drink, the less likely it is that your drinking will cause any problems, either to you or to the people in your life. If, for any reason, you think you might be drinking too much - or have an addiction to alcohol - then the best option is to cut down or stop.

If you are a regular drinker, make sure you get medical advice first. Drinking every day and then suddenly stopping can be dangerous - make sure you discuss any plans with your GP first.

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